Human Health

If you have livestock you will always have the risk of being injured, unintentionally in the majority of cases. 

The transition from winter to spring is a high time for a change in behaviour of your horses, cattle, sheep etc. predominantly to the sudden growth of pasture, although in the North Waikato - Franklin area, this can happen anytime there is rain after a period of dry weather. Pasture type can have a big impact especially on horses with behavioural changes occurring. 

Having a property in good health and well set out can mitigate much of the unexpected behaviour from otherwise reasonable stock.

Well set up yards that are easy to use is very important.

The ideal is a property layout is one that only requires one person to manage the moving and management of your stock. 

Many property owners raise stock for their own consumption and realise the benefits of ‘home kill’ and would like to be confident that their stock are as healthy as they can be.